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What is that difference? For the last five years, Women’s Healthcare Imaging has continued to be the most forward-thinking imaging facility in New Jersey.  From the minute you walk in and pass the waterfall, you’ll know our center is different from any other imaging facility in NJ. Our spa-like environment creates a tranquil and aesthetically pleasing experience for women undergoing what typically can be anxiety-producing procedures.  


Women’s Healthcare Imaging is ACR accredited in mammography, breast ultrasound and ultrasound. Our Medical Director and radiologists are Board Certified and licensed professionals with over 30 years of experience. We have on staff, female technologists who are highly trained, licensed and sensitive to the needs of female patients. You can trust us to take care of you, just as you would take care of your own family.  


At most imaging centers, the technologists are instructed to do two mammographic views of each breast and the patient is then sent home.  A few hours or days later the radiologist will look at the images and then dictate the report to the requesting physician.  Should the patient have dense breasts or other issues requiring additional mammographic views or breast ultrasounds, the patient is called back to the imaging center causing inconvenience to the patient as well as unneeded stress.


At Women’s Healthcare Imaging, additional procedures, if required, are taken care of in one visit.  Our radiologists are ON-SITE and reviewing your images as you wait.  Should any additional images be needed, they will be done during the same appointment.  At the end of your appointment our radiologist will give you the results.  This alleviates the need for you to return, pay additional copays or fees and stress over your mammogram.  When you leave our facility you will know if you need to return in one year or six months.  We strive in making our patients as comfortable and stress-free as possible.  


Experience the Difference at Women’s Healthcare Imaging.  Designed by women, for women.

Mammography may mis over 1/3 of cancers on dense breasts. ABUS is the answer.

Additional Services

If you have dense breasts, mammography alone may not be enough. ABUS is the solution.
Mammography evaluation at our facility located in Union County, NJ

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Ultrasound suite at 1896 Morris Avenue Union, NJ 07083

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DEXA Scan bone density scanner evaluaton at Women's Healthcare Imaging 07083

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Digital X-Ray suite conact us at 908-964-0004 to schedule an appointment

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Women's Healthcare Imaging participates with most insurance companies.  For a complete list click here.

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